Sea Overlooking Restaurant

Special attention is paid to cuisine and to the restaurant, situated in a large internal air-conditioned room on the ground floor with an incredible view of the sea. The restaurant seats 170 and offers table service.

Each day the menu offers a wide selection of meat and fish dishes, a generous buffet for salads, desserts and fruit and a wide selection of regional and national wines. The Hotel Columbus restaurant also offers special menus without gluten, for those with wheat allergies and, for our smallest guests, there are special menus with a wide range of baby food.

Italian Athletics Championships

The Italian Light Athletics Championships will be held in the "G. Chiggiato" Town Stadium in Piazzale Olimpia, Caorle, on September 26th-27th.

Fest of the Madonna dell'Angelo

The sea procession of the Madonna dell'Angelo in Caorle is one of...


4th July 2009 OPEN Class Regatta Lui e Lei Venice CDV

International Street Theatre Festival

The International Street Theatre Festival, entitled "La Luna nel Pozzo", will...