Griglie Roventi

On the Caorle seafront, near the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Angelo (Levante beach), on Thursday 23rd July (from 7pm) and again in July and August, the gastronomic fete Griglie Roventi will be held.

The World Barbecue Championships will also take place, in which around 100 teams from all over the world and made up of two people will compete for the title.

It is a great opportunity for tourists to experience a day of fun and good food, with typical products from the Veneto and, above all, excellent grilled beef.

Italian Athletics Championships

The Italian Light Athletics Championships will be held in the "G. Chiggiato" Town Stadium in Piazzale Olimpia, Caorle, on September 26th-27th.

Fest of the Madonna dell'Angelo

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