Caorle Lagoon, with its many naturalistic features can be visited both by boat and mountain bike, through suggestive itineraries that wind past fishermen’s houses, fish farms and the undeveloped stretch of the coastline of Valle Vecchia and the area around the mouth of the Tagliamento.

The area of the National Regional Park, set up in the 1980s by a special law, is also part of the Borough of Caorle and is organised by a body that adheres to a special environmental plan.

Only organic farming is allowed within the lagoon area, together with crop rotation, protected and full field horticulture, fruit growing, extensive and semi-extensive lagoon fish breeding and professional fishing, as well as tourism, educational and cultural activities.

Italian Athletics Championships

The Italian Light Athletics Championships will be held in the "G. Chiggiato" Town Stadium in Piazzale Olimpia, Caorle, on September 26th-27th.

Fest of the Madonna dell'Angelo

The sea procession of the Madonna dell'Angelo in Caorle is one of...


4th July 2009 OPEN Class Regatta Lui e Lei Venice CDV

International Street Theatre Festival

The International Street Theatre Festival, entitled "La Luna nel Pozzo", will...