Hotel Columbus: sea, fun and relaxation in Caorle.

Hotel Columbus in Caorle is a comfortable, modern 3 star seafront hotel in a very quiet area just a short walk from the old town centre, set in a beautiful pine forest.

The seafront and well-equipped beach and its services make it the ideal place for families.

Children are our special guests and the hotel staff dedicate a lot of attention to them. With its exclusive position, its large spaces and the services it offers, Hotel Columbus is the natural choice of all those looking for a holiday in a welcoming atmosphere, a family hotel perfect even for very young children, plenty of comfort, relaxation and fun.

Italian Athletics Championships

The Italian Light Athletics Championships will be held in the "G. Chiggiato" Town Stadium in Piazzale Olimpia, Caorle, on September 26th-27th.

Fest of the Madonna dell'Angelo

The sea procession of the Madonna dell'Angelo in Caorle is one of...


4th July 2009 OPEN Class Regatta Lui e Lei Venice CDV

International Street Theatre Festival

The International Street Theatre Festival, entitled "La Luna nel Pozzo", will...